Our approach: Grow Greener Together

Our salt and chlor-alkali produce are essential chemicals forming the basis of thousands of products that we use every day. Nobian is therefore committed to a sustainable future and making a positive impact. 

With our knowledge and technology Nobian is uniquely positioned to play a key role in the energy transition. As a partner for new windfarms, but also by offering flex capacity to stabilize the electricity grid and developing the storage of green energy in our salt caverns. Similarly, we stimulate circularity and the production of green chemicals, including green hydrogen. 

Our products are essential raw materials that support a higher level of sustainability down the value chain. For example, in the production of lightweight materials for electric cars, batteries, insulation materials and windmills.

We continuously aim to step up our game, with solutions embedded in our business and the local communities in which we operate. We endorse the objectives of the UN Paris Agreement on climate change, the European Green Deal and the UN Sustainable Development Goals. Our efforts are explained in our Sustainability Linked Financing Framework, which is independently assessed as leading in our industry. 

Our sustainability approach is based on three pillars: 

It is our ambition to Grow Greener Together with our stakeholders, employees, customers and suppliers. We will do this the Nobian way: down to earth, with a strong focus on sustainable salt mining and chemical safety, as well as by honoring our commitments. Rooted in a heritage of over 100 years we aim to leverage our local presence and investment agenda. 

We keep working hard to deliver “Chemistry You can Count on”.