Reduce energy & climate impact

Renewable Energy

Nobian is committed to reducing its carbon footprint and energy use. Increasing our operational efficiency to reduce energy consumption and expanding the share of renewable energy is a key element of our sustainability strategy. 
We source renewable energy using trusted approaches, including assets owned by Nobian, Power Purchase Agreements (PPA) with third parties, or energy attribute certificates backed by recognized industry standards and documentation. 
In 2019, the increased use of sustainable steam at our factories in Delfzijl and Hengelo in the Netherlands led to CO2 savings of 150,000 tons per year. In 2020, we partnered with three companies to support the development of a new wind park in Finland, which produce over 330 Gwh of renewable energy, equivalent to the electricity consumption of 40,000 households. 

Reducing emissions

With our ongoing improvement and innovation efforts, we reduced our carbon footprint between 1990 and 2020 with 45%. In support of the objectives of the UN Paris Agreement on climate change, we have set the goal to further reduce carbon emissions from our operations and energy use.

Our targets: 

  • 25% reduction of carbon emissions between 2020 and 2025
  • 50% reduction in carbon emissions by 2030 (70% compared to 1990)
  • 66% share of renewable energy by 2030 (50% by 2025)
  • 100% carbon neutral in 2040


Nobian works with a wide range of partners to accelerate the development of new forms of circular chemistry. This is demonstrated by our participation in the Carbon2Chem project, to make methanol from CO2 and other off-gases from steel production, and our support for the Photanol project to make new chemicals from CO2 and sunlight. Nobian is also involved in projects to produce green hydrogen, to be used in sustainable aviation fuel or to decarbonize industrial processes, including steel production.