Grow Greener Together
Our ambition is to become one of the most sustainable chemical companies in Europe. We plan to deliver on our climate targets ahead of the Paris Agreement by becoming carbon neutral in Scope 1 and 2 emissions by 2040. In addition to Scope 1 and 2, we have calculated our Scope 3 emissions for the full range of relevant categories, and we have now also set a target to reduce our Scope 3 emissions by 50% by 2040. 

Next to this we want to help our customers reduce their carbon footprint with our green products, accelerate growth in new and impactful sustainable markets and build strong connections with the communities in which we are located as well as with our own employees. 

Sustainability report
Together with our customers, industry partners, suppliers and governmental and non-governmental organizations, we are fully confident that we realize our ambition and we are proud of what we have achieved so far. In our sustainability report, we further explain our ESG program and ambitions, and we report on our performance to date. We do this based on concrete examples of our achievements as well as information about our activities and plans.  

Our ESG data and sustainability reports comply with the SASB standard and are independently verified and assured by DNV. Next to this we participate in the three internationally recognized standards being EcoVadis, SBTi and CDP

Our sustainability program 

In 2022 we launched our sustainability program Grow Greener Together to kick-start our ambition to become one of Europe’s most sustainable chemical companies. The program covers a wide range of ESG aspects (Environmental, Social and Governance), and is founded on three pillars. Each pillar consists of three focus areas which has tangible key performance indicators (KPIs) and targets. All KPI’s and targets can be found in our sustainability report. Our approach has been with the UN Sustainable Development Goals where we feel we can make the biggest impact.

We are fully on track to become carbon neutral by 2040, but we realize this is not something we can do alone. That’s why we want to “Grow Greener Together” with our customers, partners and society. Through collaboration and meaningful engagement with our people, stakeholders, and communities we move forward and find new ways to up our game. This is how we strive to ‘Grow Greener Together’ every day. This is our pledge to a more sustainable future. 

UN-aligned Vision 2045
We are proud to be part of the UN-aligned Vision 2045 campaign. Please check out Nobian's video in which we show how we are putting our Grow Greener Together sustainability strategy into practice with a number of concrete projects.