Grow Greener Together Innovation Challenge

26 July 2022

Today Nobian has launched The Grow Greener Together Innovation Challenge. To realize our ambition of becoming one of the most sustainable chemical companies in Europe, we are looking for innovative energy start-ups and scale-ups from all corners of the world to Grow Greener Together and support bringing them to scale. 

The Grow Greener Together Innovation Challenge is an open call for start-ups and scale-ups worldwide, working on solutions in: Balancing Energy Volatility, CO₂-Free Heat & Steam, Improved Heat Integration, and Local Energy Storage Flexibility. It is an opportunity to share their proposal with us and discover how a collaboration with Nobian can accelerate their impact and bring their solution to scale. By combining our cutting-edge products, resources, network and competencies with unconventional energy solutions from around the world, we believe we can deliver the green solutions of tomorrow. 

Last date to apply for the startups and scale ups is September 4, 2022. The Unknown Group will support us with the reach out, scouting, first selection of the solutions and the organization of the final event, which will take place at the end of October 2022, in the Hague.

For more information, visit the website:

Grow Greener Together Innovation Challenge