Nobian celebrates launch as independent producer of essential chemicals

2 July 2021

Nobian, a European leader in the production of essential chemicals, today celebrates its launch as a standalone company, following the completion of its spin-out from Nouryon.

“Nobian excels in the safe and reliable production of high-purity salt, chlor-alkali and chloromethanes, essential chemicals that form the basis of thousands of products that businesses and consumers use every day,” said Nobian President Knut Schwalenberg.

“We are starting from a strong position, with long-term customer partnerships and a dedication to continuous improvement and innovation. We have also implemented a new organizational model and have driven significant cost optimization to accelerate our growth as a leading provider of essential chemicals,” he said.

Nobian specializes in the production of salt, chlor-alkali and chloromethanes, essential ingredients in the manufacture of products such as disinfectants, lightweight durable plastics, aluminum, electric cars and pharmaceuticals. The company employs about 1,600 people and had revenues in 2020 of €1.0 billion. It operates seven modern production sites in the Netherlands, Germany and Denmark, and has a strong heritage dating back more than 100 years.

The spin-out follows the successful EUR 1.6bln external financing of Nobian. The attractiveness of Nobian’s activities and business model was clearly evidenced by the interest shown by investors in the new debt consisting of term loans and notes.

Commitment to sustainability

Nobian continues its commitment to sustainability as a key element of its strategy and future growth. The company reduced its carbon footprint by 45% from 1990 to 2020. By 2025 it aims to reduce its emissions by a further 25% and increase its share of renewable energy to 50%. Nobian plans to become climate neutral by 2040.

The company intends to expand its business in the storage and production of green energy through, for example, its participation in innovative green hydrogen projects and opportunities to store energy in its salt caverns.

“In addition to making our own production more sustainable, Nobian’s products are essential raw materials that support a higher level of sustainability down the value chain, such as in the production of electric cars, batteries, insulation materials and windmills,” said Nobian Deputy President Philipp Polenz. “Nobian remains committed to a sustainable future and to making a positive impact.”

Nobian celebrates launch as independent producer of essential chemicals