We procure a broad range of materials and services for our business. This varies from raw materials for our production sites, logistics services for the transportation of our finished products and incoming materials to everything else that we need for our facilities and offices. Our procurement processes are therefore key for business success as well as our commitment to a sustainable future.

Procurement is organized in three distinct segments, covering a broad portfolio of products and services:

Raw materials
Indirect materials

We see multiple opportunities to concentrate our efforts and resources to accelerate profitable growth in partnership with our suppliers. We encourage you to reach out to our procurement professionals to explore these opportunities.

More information on SAP Ariba within Nobian

Sustainable sourcing

We see Grow Greener Together not only as the right thing to do, but also as a true business opportunity to deliver value for our customers and society by providing new solutions that have smaller footprints or deliver other benefits. Striving for a sustainable future also means being a safe and reliable partner for customers, employees, business partners and communities and we ask all our suppliers to work with us on this topic.

Nobian Business Partner Code of Conduct 

All of our business partners need to adhere to our Business Partner Code of Conduct which sets out expectations for suppliers:

  • To comply with applicable laws
  • To conduct business ethically
  • To respect human rights
  • To provide a safe and healthy working environment
  • To protect the environment
  • To adhere to responsible sourcing standards

Nobian only does business with suppliers sharing and supporting our standards and all are required to comply with the Nobian Business Partner Code of Conduct. As such this requirement is part of all Nobian contracts and / or purchase order terms and conditions, which can be found here.


We partner with EcoVadis, to measure and track our sustainability performance as well as sustainability progress of our business partners. In 2022 we assessed the top 80% of our suppliers in terms of spend on energy, raw materials, logistics and indirect spend using the EcoVadis CSR platform. The EcoVadis assessment covers topics related to environmental, ethics, labor practices, and human rights as well as sustainable procurement. 

Sustainability assessments

In 2023 we started with regular Sustainability Assessments to ensure our business partners take an active approach towards sustainability and support Nobian’s sustainability ambitions. The EcoVadis assessment is taking into account. More can be found in Nobian’s Sustainable Procurement Policy

Mandatory purchase orders

Nobian has a strict “No PO - No Pay policy” which means that referencing a purchase order is mandatory when invoicing for goods or services. Please ensure you ask Nobian for a purchase order number before commencing any work or delivering any goods.



Vendor form (ENG)

Vendor form (DE)

Purchase Order Terms and Conditions

Business Partner Code of Conduct

Ariba Registration Information

Nobian Supplier Information Portal

HSE requirements for contractors and other third parties

Sustainable Procurement Policy

European Posted Workers Directive