Nobian joins Dutch VEMW Wind Consortium in tender wind farm Hollandse Kust West

19 May 2022

Today, wind energy partnership Brookfield, SSE Renewables and the Association for Energy, 

Environment and Water (VEMW) announce that they are jointly participating in the 

tender for the wind energy park Hollandse Kust West. VEMW represents 13 Dutch industrial electricity consumers from different sectors in a Wind Consortium. Nobian is one of these companies and played a part in bringing all parties together.

Participation in this Wind Consortium fits perfectly with Nobian's sustainability ambitions, articulated in our program Grow Greener Together. By 2040 we will be CO₂ neutral, with 100% renewable energy, 50% of which will be available by 2025. Participation in Hollandse Kust West makes an important contribution to this. 

The VEMW Wind Consortium is uniquely positioned. Through purchase guarantees this consortium guarantees the direct use of wind energy for the greening of industrial activities in the Netherlands. The participating companies are also capable of balancing the fluctuating supply of wind energy on a large scale and contributing to system integration and flexibility in the grid, as Nobian does in our chlorine plant in Rotterdam. The consortium also includes the expertise and capacity to convert green electricity into green hydrogen.  

Nobian has a strong track record in initiating and participating in PPA’s, including in the Netherlands (Zeeland) and Finland. We are therefore optimistic that the VEMW Wind Consortium will be able to participate in Hollandse Kust West. VEMW and its members have opted for an active role in the energy transition. 

Chairman Gertjan Lankhorst of VEMW: 'The industry must be a driving force for the sustainability of Dutch society. By enabling the development of this wind farm as part of the system, we ensure ourselves of green electricity, but we also bring about the integral greening of Dutch society. We are not only ensuring ourselves of green power, but also bringing the integral greening of the Dutch electricity system one step closer.’

Johan Hospers, Director Energy at Nobian: ‘Projects like Hollandse Kust West are crucial for realizing climate objectives in the Netherlands. In granting this tender we trust the Dutch government to focus on qualitative criteria and to use the limited space and extra capacity for wind energy in the Netherlands to make our strategic manufacturing industry greener. In addition to speeding up the process of making the Netherlands more sustainable, the cooperation with Dutch parties will support the creation of a sustainable energy system in the Netherlands and the reduction of our dependence on energy from abroad.’ 

Want to know more? Read the Dutch press release of VEMW here.

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Nobian joins Dutch VEMW Wind Consortium in tender wind farm Hollandse Kust West