Nobian the first company in Germany to supply certified green hydrogen from chlor-alkali electrolysis

2 December 2021

Certified green hydrogen

Bitterfeld, 2 December 2021 – Nobian's chlor-alkali plant at the Bitterfeld-Wolfen Chemical Park is the first plant in Germany to successfully supply certified green hydrogen to a leading international customer.

This major achievement underlines Nobian’s commitment to accelerating its green hydrogen portfolio to supply a growing market. It also strengthens Nobian’s position as a leading producer of essential chemicals as well as safe, reliable, and affordable green hydrogen. Building on its long-standing experience in operating large-scale chlor-alkali electrolysis plants, the certified green hydrogen helps Nobian to reduce the carbon footprint of its customers, and to increase sustainability throughout the value chain.

Reducing hydrogen CO2 footprint by 90%

In chlor-alkali membrane electrolysis, the products chlorine, caustic soda, and hydrogen are produced simultaneously, using brine and electricity. Green hydrogen is produced with renewable energy, resulting in a 90% lower carbon footprint compared to conventionally produced hydrogen from fossil fuels.

The green hydrogen supplied by Nobian complies with the leading TÜV Süd CMS 70 Standard. Nobian can produce up to 2,700 tons of green hydrogen annually at the Bitterfeld site. Going forward, Nobian is aiming for 100% use of hydrogen by-product from chlor-alkali production to prevent emissions and add value.

"Our green hydrogen is available already today. Thanks to the use of renewable energy, we are able to produce and offer green hydrogen in Central Germany and deliver it to our customers. For example, via the local pipeline network. We help our customers to significantly reduce the carbon footprint of their products and to achieve their climate goals," emphasizes Dr. Jürgen Baune, Vice President Chlor-Alkali and Managing Director at Nobian in Germany. Nobian’s two production sites in the Netherlands are already certified and producing green hydrogen. The other two Chlor-Alkali sites in Germany will follow soon, Baune reports.

Certification of green hydrogen

Leading certification schemes define that green hydrogen can only be produced by using solely renewable energy with strict conditions for the carbon footprint calculation. Thanks to the recent successful certification audit, Nobian’s Bitterfeld Chlor-Alkali plant was able to prove that its production of green hydrogen complies with recognized TÜV Süd CMS 70 Standard.

Nobian the first company in Germany to supply certified green hydrogen from chlor-alkali electrolysis