Congratulations to the winners of our Grow Greener Together Innovation Challenge 2022

28 October 2022

We are happy to announce and congratulate the  winners of the Nobian Grow Greener Together Innovation Challenge:

* Sensorfact
* Gradyent

In its first edition, The Grow Greener Together Innovation Challenge was an opportunity for startup and scale-up founders worldwide to collaborate with Nobian; if they have an unconventional solution that fits Nobian’s strategy, we will support bringing their innovation to scale. 

Eleven amazing ventures from all over the world were selected as finalists of the program based on their innovative technologies within Local energy storage flexibility, Balancing energy volatility, CO₂-free heat & steam and Improved heat integration. 

After several months of scouting and screening and two days of intensive discussions between Nobian and the startups, at the final event in The Hague, powered by UnknownGroup, the awards were presented by Michael Koenig, CEO at Nobian. 

With our sustainability program “Grow Greener Together,” we are working towards becoming one of Europe’s most sustainable businesses, having already reduced our carbon footprint by 40% since 1990. We believe the future belongs to those who dare challenge the status quo and, as part of this, we have developed our Grow Greener Together Innovation Challenge - a full Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) program with clear and ambitious targets. 

Through collaborations with start-ups and scale-ups, we aim to Grow Greener Together and bring impactful solutions to scale. Collaborations between promising energy ventures like Kraftblock, Sensorfact, SLB, and Gradyent, and industry leaders like Nobian is the best bet to accelerate the energy transition. We believe that collaborating with start-ups and scale-ups gives us the potential to revolutionize the chemicals and energy industries, and create a better future for everyone. 

By combining our cutting-edge products, resources, network, and competencies with unconventional energy solutions from around the world, we believe we can #GrowGreenerTogether and collaboratively deliver the green solutions of tomorrow.

An honourable mention of the other finalists:

* Carbon8
* Malta Inc
* phelas
* Qpinch
* Repowered
* Rondo Energy

Congratulations to the winners of our Grow Greener Together Innovation Challenge 2022