Safe, reliable, and affordable green hydrogen to help decarbonize industry.

Hydrogen is an important component used in chemical synthesis. For example, in products like methanol and HCl, fertilizers and fuels.

In addition, green hydrogen is becoming increasingly important to replace fossil heavy transport and jet-fuels, and to decarbonize the production of steel. It can also be used as an alternative energy carrier to store renewable energy, or as a fuel for transportation and mobility.

Our green hydrogen is a by-product of chlorine and caustic production, based on salt water electrolysis. In water electrolysis it is purposely produced by splitting water into hydrogen and oxygen. This pure hydrogen is very well suited to be used in, for example, fuel cells and industrial production processes.

Using renewable energy, the hydrogen produced is green and with a very low carbon footprint.

Certified Green Hydrogen

Certified Green Hydrogen

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