Nobian changes structure of Executive Team

6 September 2023

Nobian announced today that it has made several changes and appointments to its Executive Team effective 1 October, 2023.

Michael Koenig, CEO: “External conditions, energy prices, and uncertainty in the market, pose significant challenges for the industry. In addition, societal expectations are changing and addressing these challenges demands more of our focus, attention, and capacity. We have therefore decided to realign our current priorities within the leadership of our company.” 

The responsibility for Integrated Supply Chain (ISC), Commerce and Strategy, will be combined into one role, the Chief Operations Officer (COO). Effective 1 October, 2023, all three divisions will report directly to the COO. We are pleased to announce that Philipp Polenz, currently Chief Commercial Officer, has been appointed as COO.

In addition, Achim Hupperts has been appointed as Executive Vice President ISC, reporting to the COO. Achim will succeed Ellis Deelen, the current Chief ISC Officer, who will retire effective 1 November, 2023.

To demonstrate the importance of sustainability and innovation to our business and the future of Nobian, it has also been decided that Marco Waas, currently Vice-President Technology, R&D and Sustainability, has been added to the Executive Team as Chief Technology and Sustainability Officer.

Going forward, Nobian’s Executive Team will be as follows:

-          Michael Koenig                  Chief Executive Officer

-          Michael Pontzen                Chief Financial Officer

-          Philipp Polenz                    Chief Operations Officer

-          Dirk Meerburg                   General Counsel, Company Secretary

-          Lorette Roetenberg           Chief Human Resources Officer

-          Marco Waas                       Chief Technology and Sustainability Officer

-          Achim Hupperts                 Executive Vice-President Integrated Supply Chain


Michael Koenig: “With this new structure we will have the expertise, agility, and experience that we need to continue and execute Nobian’s business and growth strategy.”

Nobian changes structure of Executive Team