Diversity @ Nobian

Nobian is committed to providing equal opportunities in employment and to avoiding discrimination in employment and against job applicants. At Nobian, Diversity & Inclusion is integral to the way we operate our business. We are committed to attracting and developing diverse talent, seeing individual differences as an opportunity for innovation and growth. We cultivate an environment where behaviors and social norms are welcoming and respectful, and employees are provided equitable access to resources and opportunities. 

To gain insight in what would be valued and needed by our staff, we have started 2 networks: the first one is a talent network for our employees under 35. From working closely with this group, we hope to actively learn how to retain them with our company and what this group values in an organization and act accordingly. The second network is a Diversity of Thoughts network: a diverse group from all around the organization that will identify and execute initiatives that which will help bringing our diversity and inclusion statement to live. It’s our aim to include employees from across the organization to make inclusion and diversity a theme that is top of mind.