Let’s collaborate to innovate

We want to connect with anyone who has expertise or innovative solutions that fit with our business. These could be anything from a newly patented technology requiring co-development to a finished product ready to be launched. We also recognize that there are good ideas out there where the fit might be less obvious, or where the need simply hasn’t been identified yet. If you believe this is the case, then please submit your idea.

With our sustainability program “Grow Greener Together,” we are working towards becoming one of Europe’s most sustainable businesses, having already reduced our carbon footprint by 40% since 1990. We believe the future belongs to those who dare challenge the status quo and, as part of this, we have developed our Grow Greener Together Innovation Challenge - a full Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) program with clear and ambitious targets. Through collaborations with start-ups and scale-ups, we aim to Grow Greener Together and bring impactful solutions to scale. 

Click for more information about our Grow Greener Together Innovation Challenge:

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Guidance on submitting ideas

Questions? Interested in taking your idea to the next level? Please fill in the form below and post your idea.

Examples: specific areas of interest

Key technologies related to our product portfolio

  • Industry 4.0
  • Chlor-alkali
  • Electro-chemistry
  • Circularity
  • Salty waste streams
  • New applications for our products

Your idea can be a good fit if it:

  1. Offers solutions to problems generally encountered during the development and manufacturing of products found in our portfolio or if you have identified an unmet need that will add significant value to our consumers.
  2. Comes with protected intellectual property rights - do not share it if you do not own it.
  3. Can be shared withouth disclosing confidential information
  4. Does not comprise of a sales pitch for commodities or services

Send your idea to us!

If you have an IP protected idea that matches Nobian needs and interests as described, you can immediately submit it by completing the form below and click on Submit and we will reply shortly. To protect our mutual interests, terms and conditions apply to your submission. Your submission will be received by us on a non-confidential basis. Following your submission, we may ask you to provide further information or enter into discussions with us. At that stage, we may ask you to enter into a confidentiality agreement with us to protect our mutual interests. More information on: intellectual property rights.


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