Nobian and AnQore sign long-term agreement for supply of low carbon caustic soda

5 June 2024

Nobian and AnQore have signed a long-term agreement for the supply of ISCC PLUS certified caustic soda. Both companies are committed to drive sustainability throughout the value chain.

Certified low carbon caustic soda

Nobian’s low carbon caustic soda will be used in the production of AnQore’s sodium cyanide, the world’s first sustainable sodium cyanide made from bio-circular raw materials. Nobian’s ISCC PLUS certified caustic soda is produced at its Botlek site in Rotterdam, the Netherlands, using 100% renewable energy from wind and solar. The first volumes of low-carbon caustic soda will be delivered to AnQore from June 2024.

Developing sustainable value chains

Nobian and AnQore are committed to promoting the development of sustainable value chains and meeting the growing demand for low carbon products. The agreement underlines the efforts of both companies to implement their sustainability agendas and reduce greenhouse gas emissions by supplying low carbon essential chemicals at the beginning of the value chain.

Commitment to low carbon products

Markus Mingenbach, Senior Vice President Chlor-Alkali and Chloromethanes at Nobian: “As a leading producer of essential chemicals, we are very pleased to extend our partnership with AnQore and support them in the production of low carbon Ecocyanides. This agreement demonstrates our commitment to supplying low carbon products and our ambition to 'Grow Greener Together'. It also demonstrates our drive to help our customers reduce their carbon footprint with our low carbon products.” 

Danny van Ballegoij, Director Marketing and Sales at AnQore adds: “At AnQore we are committed to making our industry more sustainable. Our target is to reduce our Scope 3 emissions to zero by 2040. Working with Nobian to expand our range of mass balance  sustainable products beyond Econitrile is a great opportunity for our customers. Our partnership with Nobian allows us to reduce the carbon footprint of various products such as vitamins, food ingredients, chelates and specialty chemicals. In this way, we are enabling certified Scope 3 reductions in a wide range of products.”

Nobian and AnQore sign long-term agreement for supply of low carbon caustic soda