Nobian and Shell sign Power Purchase Agreement (PPA) for Pottendijk wind and solar farm in DrentheĀ 

10 July 2023

Nobian has signed a long-term PPA with Shell for the purchase of approximately half of the 157 GWh of annual production from the combined solar and wind farm Pottendijk in Drenthe. The farm, developed by Shell, and commissioned by Shell earlier this year, will supply Nobian with renewable electricity from 1 January 2024. This is another important step towards making Nobian more sustainable.     

Johan Hospers, Director Energy at Nobian: "The renewable electricity from the Pottendijk wind and solar farm is an important addition to our renewable energy portfolio to reduce CO₂ emissions in the production of salt, chlorine, caustic soda and hydrogen. This 10-year agreement contributes to achieving our renewable energy targets, as set out in Nobian's 'Grow Greener Together' strategy. This project is another great example of how the industry is contributing to the transition to a sustainable energy system." Last month Nobian, in a consortium with Heineken, Signify and Philips, committed to 10 years of renewable power from  Mutkalampi wind farm in Finland through a virtual PPA. 

Europe’s largest combined wind and solar farm 

The Pottendijk energy park, near Emmen in Drenthe, is currently Shell's largest combined hybrid wind and solar farm in Europe. From February 2023, It has 14 wind turbines with a combined capacity of around 50 MW and 90,000 solar panels with a total capacity of around 50 100 MW. It will generate enough electricity for around a third of the total electricity consumption of the residents and businesses in the municipality of Emmen. 

Photo credits: Shell Netherlands.

Nobian and Shell sign Power Purchase Agreement (PPA) for Pottendijk wind and solar farm in DrentheĀ