Nobian participates in UN's Vision 2045 campaign

21 May 2024

Nobian is proud to be part of the UN's Vision 2045 campaign, a series of mini-documentaries that recognizes the United Nation’s 100th anniversary in 2045, and showcasing global companies that are taking action today and inspiring action to achieve the UN's Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) by 2045.

Nobian's video is being launched today on both Reuters and Acumen Stories. Please check out the video:

Revolutionizing chemistry, Nobian utilizes the indispensable raw material, salt, to create greener chemistry. By transforming salt into other chemicals, the raw material supports the energy transition. Through our 'Grow Greener Together' program, Nobian is making the goal of achieving net-zero emissions by 2040, appear obtainable. Nobian places a strong emphasis on collaboration, claiming that sustainability is an action taken by a community rather than an individual. 

At Nobian, we believe that chemical industry can become completely green,” says Nobian’s CEO, Michael Koenig, in the video. “Nobian is determined to become one of the most sustainable companies in Europe and we do that in three ways: By decarbonizing our production processes, by delivering products that enable our customers to produce greener products, and by leveraging our competencies, our technical know-how into the buildup of the energy transition.”

In this film, we show how we are putting our Grow Greener Together sustainability strategy into practice with a number of concrete projects. 

Please take a look at the film or read more in the article accompanying the film on [

Nobian participates in UN's Vision 2045 campaign