Nobian receives permit for new salt extraction site near Haaksbergen

27 March 2024

Nobian has received approval for the construction of eight new salt extraction sites near Haaksbergen. The Ministry of Economic Affairs and Climate (EZK) published the permits on March 27th, 2024. After an intensive process and a positive decision by the Haaksbergen municipal council, there is now clarity on the proposed salt extraction near Haaksbergen.

Salt from the soil of Twente: An indispensable raw material

In 2010, Nobian started exploring a new salt extraction site in the Twente region. Based on the thickness and quality of the salt layer in the subsoil, Haaksbergen proved to be the most suitable location. Nobian then worked intensively with the local authorities and the surrounding area to obtain the necessary permits. Now that the development of this new salt extraction site has been approved, continuity of the production of salt as an indispensable raw material for the chemical industry is guaranteed. Salt is needed to produce essential chemicals used in making a multitude of everyday products and to make our society more sustainable.

Yvar van den Winkel, Mining Director at Nobian: "The decision by the Ministry of Economic Affairs is an important step for the proposed salt extraction in Haaksbergen. We have worked intensively with all stakeholders over the past year. This has resulted in clear agreements on safety, guarantees and communication. As Nobian, we stand by these agreements. We will keep an eye on the surrounding areas during the implementation of the project.”

Next steps 

In the coming period, Nobian will continue with the preparatory work for the construction of the area where the salt will be extracted. The first construction works are expected to start around the summer of 2024. Residents and other interested parties will be informed by Nobian in good time. For example through information meetings, but also in other ways. More information about the development of the salt extraction site can also be found at (only in Dutch). 


Interested parties can submit an objection up to six weeks after publication of the permits by the Ministry of Economic Affairs. For more information, please visit the website: where the publication of the decision can be found.   


If you have any questions for Nobian following this announcement, please contact our Community Manager Twente, Maureen Soering-Bekke, on and/or +31 (0)6 4157 8283. Press enquiries can be sent to

Nobian receives permit for new salt extraction site near Haaksbergen