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The Netherlands

Process Engineer - Delfzijl
Specialist Mining Permits - Amersfoort
Tactical Site Buyer
Management Assistent - Delfzijl
Process Development Engineer Chlor-Alkali Rotterdam or Amersfoort (Hybrid)
Inspecteur - Rotterdam-Botlek
Omgevingsmanager - Delfzijl
Scheduler - Rotterdam Botlek
Wellsite Supervisor - Amersfoort
Talent Acquisition Intern - Amersfoort
Senior Mining Engineer - Hengelo (hybride)
Researcher- Deventer
Project Coordinator - Hengelo
Application & industry Engineer 4.0 - Rotterdam, Botlek
Maintenance Engineer Mechanical - Hengelo
Helpdesk & Onsite Support Engineer - Hengelo
Technician Cellenzaal (6900) - Rotterdam, Botlek
Functional Expert A&I (6864) - Hengelo
Site Lead Operator - Hengelo
Head of Control - Rotterdam Botlek
Production Lead Pekelwining (Brinefield) - Delfzijl
Ptp Coordinator - Rotterdam Botlek

Learning & Development Coordinator - Rotterdam Botlek

Production Lead Projects & Education - Delfzijl

Contractor Supervisor - Rotterdam

Technician Werktuigbouw - Rotterdam

Corporate Central Controller / FP&A Manager - Amersfoort

Boortoren Operator - Hengelo

Turnaround Manager - Amersfoort

Planner Mechanical - Rotterdam

Discipline Maintenance Engineer Elektrotechniek - Rotterdam Botlek

First Line Maintenance Engineer - Delfzijl

Communications Intern - Amersfoort

Planner Mechanical - Rotterdam Botlek

Continuous Improvement Lead - Rotterdam-Botlek (6681)

Milieu Coördinator - Rotterdam-Botlek (6710)

Head Technician - Delfzijl, NL

Discipline Maintenance Engineer Instrumentatie - Rotterdam Botlek

Technician WTB - Rotterdam (6621)

Operator - Rotterdam-Botlek

Reliability Engineer - Rotterdam Botlek 

IT Continuity Manager - Amersfoort, NL

Planner Projects & Turnarounds - Rotterdam Botlek, NL

Controller Operations - Rotterdam Botlek, NL

Site Operator - Hengelo

Inkoper (Tactical Site Buyer) - Hengelo

Technician - Delfzijl, NL
Maintenance Engineer - Delfzijl
Discipline Maintenance Engineer Static - Rotterdam Botlek (6387)

Proces Operator Delesto - Delfzijl

Technician E&I - Delfzijl (5370)

Planner E&I Rotterdam - Botlek


(Senior) Recruiter Deutschland (m/w/d)
Ausbildung 2023 - Bitterfeld
Ausbildung 2023 - Ibbenbüren
Development Process Enigneer (m/w/d) "Process Innovation Expert"
Chemikanten im vollkontinuierlichen Schichtbetrieb (m/w/d) - Bitterfeld
Ingenieur Advanced Process Control (m/w/d) - Bitterfeld
Ingenieur Automatisierungs- und MSR-Technik (m/w/d) - Bitterfeld
Local IT Manager (m/w/d) - Bitterfeld
Management Team Assistant (m/w/d) in Teilzeit - Bitterfeld
Global Product & Account Manager (m/w/d) - Frankfurt
Lototo Officer (m/w/d)
Rotation Shift Worker (m/w/d)- Frankfurt
Maintenance Engineer MECH (m/w/d) - Frankfurt 
Instandhaltungshandwerker / Maintenance Worker PLT - Frankfurt 
Maintenance Worker Mech (m/w/d) - Frankfurt 
Run Plant Engineer (m/w/d) - Frankfurt
Permit Officer (m/w/d) - Frankfurt
Scheduler (m/w/d) - Frankfurt
Ausbildung Elektroniker für Automatisierungstechnik (m/w/d) Frankfurt
Ausbildung Industriemechaniker (m/w/d) Frankfurt
Ausbildung Fachkraft für Lagerlogistik (m/w/d) Frankfurt


Local IT-OT Manager - Mariager
Local IT Supporter - Mariager